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Forged by nature, shaped by time and human spirit

The story of Dartmoor's cherished and protected landscape and wildlife is one of powerful geological forces, relentless weather and more than 10,000 years of human activity.

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Bonehill rocks event

Learn how Dartmoor has been shaped over time Watch this short film to discover the Dartmoor Story, dip into its incredible history and explore its amazing wildlife.

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For millions of years Dartmoor was covered in tropical forests.

Shaped by human hands

stone row

People have been living on the moor for thousands of years. If you know how to read the landscape you can see the traces of these past lives etched into the land itself.

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The first people probably arrived on Dartmoor around 10,000 BC during the Mesolithic period, or Middle Stone Age.



Dartmoor is an important reserve for very rare plants and animals. The special habitats on Dartmoor are a result of the geology and the influences of people over 4000 years.

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Dartmoor has one of the main concentrations of internationally important upland oak woods in the UK.

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Merrivale stone row

Discover the Dartmoor Story yourself. Find a hut circle, visit a medieval longhouse, or explore an ancient wooded valley.

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The longest prehistoric stone row in the world is on Dartmoor.

My Dartmoor Story

Vinnimore dig

People across the moor have been working together to help improve understanding of Dartmoor’s rich heritage and ensure it is well managed for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

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Dartmoor has 450 miles of public rights of way - the equivalent of walking from Land’s End to Penrith in Cumbria.



Want to discover more about Dartmoor's story? Join one of events to get closer to wildlife, learn more about Dartmoor's industrial past or take part in conservation projects to look after our heritage.

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Did you know?

The largest land slug in the world can be found on Dartmoor.

The Dartmoor Story Forged by nature; shaped by time and human hands.