Historic buildings

Historic buildings

Dartmoor National Park has a rich and diverse historic built environment which enhances the quality of our protected landscape and contributes significantly to an understanding of life past and present on Dartmoor. It is broad both in type, size and age, encompassing individual structures such as milestones, telephone boxes, and bridges, medieval moorland farmsteads with their stone walled fields, hamlets, villages and historic towns.

The number and proportion of historic buildings within the National Park is high as there has been only modest amounts of modern development within this protected landscape. The contribution that traditional buildings make to this landscape is correspondingly strong, as this relationship remains substantially undiluted. Their presence is intensified by a strong identity and character born of both the locally available building materials and the way that these have been used to represent changing traditions, fashions and functions over time.

To help manage Dartmoor National Park’s diverse historic built environment the Authority offers specialist building conservation advice. Specialist help is available for listed building owners, agents and builders relating to the maintenance, repair, alteration or extension of this valuable and visible Dartmoor resource.

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