Other animals

The wet, mild climate experienced by Dartmoor produces abundant watercourses and high humidity that support many animals not represented in the other groups of wildlife on this website. Salmon and trout spawn in gravel found in the upper reaches of the rivers, whilst Palmate newts, frogs and toads breed in the numerous small pools. Perhaps more unexpected are the colonies of Fairy shrimp that occur in temporary pools and the very rare Cave shrimp in underground streams. Moist conditions attract slugs as all gardeners are aware, but the presence of the world’s largest land slug, the Ash black, is less well known.

The heathlands hold huge numbers of Common lizard which may often be seen scuttling away in the ground vegetation as you walk across the moors. We also have strong populations of adder in some areas, which bask in sheltered patches in full sunshine.

Dartmoor National Park works in partnership with the British Herpetological Society, Buglife, West Country Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency.