Love Moor Life

Do you Love Moor Life?

Our Rangers care passionately about Dartmoor; it’s a unique protected landscape with rare wildlife and free roaming livestock and ponies.

Help them to keep Dartmoor special by following the Ranger Code.

We all love Dartmoor and want to keep it special - please leave no trace, give nature space

Please keep your dog on a lead

Two collie dogs on leads with dog on lead symbol

Dogs love Dartmoor, but please remember that it is a working landscape providing grazing for cattle, sheep and ponies.

Visiting with your dog

Bag up litter and take it home

Piece of litter on gorse at Haytor rocks

Litter can be extremely harmful to wildlife and livestock, not to mention it looks nasty! Always leave no trace, give nature space when you visit.

Learn more about litter

Use a campsite or check where you can camp

Small green tent and person sat on a tor with dog at sunset

You can only backpack camp (wild camp) in some parts of Dartmoor please check where you can go.

Get info on camping

Don't feed the ponies

Three brown ponies on moorland with do not feed pony symbol

Ponies on Dartmoor are iconic and do a great job of maintaining habitats for wildlife. Keep them safe by admiring from a distance.

Learn more about ponies

Share the roads and bridleways

Two cows walking towards a car on the road

The roads and bridleways on Dartmoor are used by people, animals, vehicles and cyclists, sometimes all at once. Take moor care and slow down.

Learn more about roads and bridleways

No fires

Gorse on fire with no campfire symbol

No BBQs or campfires. Even a small spark can be devastating on open moorland.

How to prevent moorland fires

Report an injured animal

All livestock including ponies are owned by local farmers and commoners. If you come across injured livestock please phone the Livestock protection officer

Livestock Protection officer:  07873 587561

Report uncontrolled dogs

Report uncontrolled dogs or sheep attacks directly to the police on 101 or the Livestock Protection officer.

Please report all wildlife crime to the police on 101.

Find out more about our Byelaws