Challenge 14: Listen to the Dawn Chorus

Challenge 14: Listen to the Dawn Chorus

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Points available: 3

About the challenge

Get up early to listen to the dawn chorus and you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular performance put on by the birds in your area. They sing throughout the spring but come to a crescendo at the peak of the breeding season towards the end of April/ early May. Find a  spot in your garden or get out to your favourite wild place, make yourself comfortable, then sit back and enjoy the show.

Helpful tips

Don't worry if you don't know your bird songs. This challenge is all about the spectacle of so many birds all singing together.

You need to be in place an hour or more before dawn to appreciate the start of the chorus so in April/ May this means that you’ll need to be up and out by about 4.30am.

If this sounds too early you could always set the alarm and open the windows and listen from your bed with a cup of tea!

More information

It sounds amazing to us but we are not the intended audience. Do you know why the birds are singing?

The males are trying to attract a mate. The better the singer, the more attractive they are to a potential partner. It also helps to defend a territory and act as a warning to rivals - this is my patch!

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