Challenge 4: Frame a Dartmoor view

Challenge 4: Frame a Dartmoor view

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Points available: 1

About the challenge

We all love Dartmoor from its wide, open moors and granite tors to its wooded river valleys, and its traditional farming. So, on your next visit to Dartmoor take a photograph of something natural or somewhere full of wildlife that inspires you. Don’t leave it on your camera. Make sure you get it printed out and find a nice frame to put it in so you can look at it everyday.

Helpful tips

If you haven’t got a frame you could make one from your cardboard recycling, using strips of corrugated cardboard or an old box. Or you could collect some sticks on a walk that are just a little bigger than your picture to make a natural frame

More information

Search online for “Dartmoor Landscape” to get inspiration and see how other people capture the landscape.

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