Challenge 6: Go outdoors and paint the natural world

Challenge 6: Go outdoors and paint the natural world

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Points available: 2

About the challenge

Have you ever tried to draw or paint a picture whilst you are outside exploring the natural world? This is a great skill to have. Some of the best naturalists make sketches and drawings which they label to help them make their observations.

Start by taking a pad or sketch book and a pencil outside with you. Find the perfect spot to sit for a few minutes and look at the world around you. Sketch something you can see in front of you. It’s easier to start with plants which don’t get up and move away. It can be a quick drawing or something much more detailed. Label it to remind you of any special features you’ve observed

Helpful tips

How about taking it to the next level? Try painting with watercolours or other media to capture the colour and movement of what you see. Try painting birds or insects – you’ll need to be quick to get an impression of them before they move away.

More information

Local Dartmoor Naturalist- John Walters makes lots of sketches from his walks. See his website for inspiration-especially his twitter feed.

Did you know painting outdoors is called “En plein air”? There are lots of great videos and workshops online to help you develop your skills

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