Challenge 9: Be inspired by seasonal colour

Challenge 9: Be inspired by seasonal colour

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Points available: 2

About the challenge

The changing seasons produce a colour chart of incredible variations from the greens of spring to the reds and golds of Autumn.

On a walk choose one colour and try to make a colour match, collecting photographs of all the different plants with the same colour. The greens of unfolding leaves, the yellow flowers of early spring, the blue flowers of May or the reds of ripening fruit and autumn leaves.

Helpful tips

Find a way to display your finished work- print out the photographs and make a collage with them or use photo editing software to arrange them next to each other as one colourful image.

More information

If you don’t have a camera you could make a Nature's Palette. Wrap a small piece of card (about 4cm x 5cm) with double sided sticky tape or use a glue stick, then explore the natural world. Collect tiny pieces of plant no bigger than your smallest fingernail and stick them all next to each other to create a palette of the colours you've found. You'll be amazed by the diversity of colour and shape you find amongst the tiny seeds and minute leaves.

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