Higher Uppacott

Higher Uppacott

Higher Uppacott is a medieval farmhouse (longhouse) in which both people and cattle were accommodated under a single roof.  It has been classed as a Grade 1 listed building of national importance because it is one of the few remaining examples of this historic building type, which has retained its lower or shippon end (cattle shelter) in its original unaltered state.

One of the things that makes Higher Uppacott so special is that its development from its medieval beginnings through to the present day is still clearly evident within the fabric of the building. It tells its own story through key architectural features. This development also vividly illustrates the major changes in domestic family life and the social structures of Dartmoor farming folk over the centuries.

Higher Uppacott is owned by Dartmoor National Park Authority and guided visits are available from time to time. 

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