Complaints Procedure - Planning Decisions

The Planning Inspectorate, deals with complaints about a planning decision, rather than about how your application was handled. There is a national process by which an applicant may appeal. You will find information about your rights of appeal on the reverse side of the decision notice that will have been sent to you. Contact

The Planning Inspectorate
Quality Assurance Unit
4/11 Eagle Wing
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay

Phone: 0117 372 8252
Website: (external link, opens new window)

In exceptional circumstances challenges to local authority decision-making can also be made through the courts in cases where the legality of the decision (not its planning merits) is questioned. The courts can become involved where there has been a misinterpretation or misapplication of policy or a breach of the rules of procedure or the principles of natural justice. Judicial Review (JR) is not automatic and the courts have to give leave before an application can proceed. It is usually denied if the route of statutory appeal is available to the applicant. An application for Judicial Review must be made within six weeks of the date of the decision and can be time consuming and costly. Independent legal advice should be sought.