Our land and property

Our land and property

Parking Account - Income and expenditure on the Authority's parking account including details of revenue collected from on-street parking, off-street parking and Penalty Charge Notices.  Detail of how the Authority has spent a surplus on its parking account.

Not Applicable - The Authority does not fall under S.55 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended by the Traffic Management Act 2004 as it does not maintain designated (i.e. on-street) parking spaces which are in a Civil Enforcement Area and therefore does not produce a parking account.

The Authority does, however, maintain off-street parking facilities at various points within the National Park.  In 2019/20 receipts from managed car parks (Princetown, Meldon Reservoir, Postbridge and Haytor) and donations from cairns at other car parking sites amounted to £76,399.

Car Parking Spaces Provided by DNPA

Car ParkLocation
Spaces Marked
or Unmarked (M/U)
Approx No.
of Spaces
Steps Bridge Car ParkSteps BridgeU20
Teign VillageTeign ValleyU22
Trendlebere Straight 'Stone' Car ParkTrendlebere DownU6
Trendlebere Straight 'Wood' Car ParkTrendlebere DownU10
Holne BrakeTrendlebere DownU10
Bel Alp LaybyHaytor DownU3
Owlacombe Burrow South, Higher Terrace DriveHaytor DownU14
Owlacombe Burrow North, Higher Terrace DriveHaytor DownU10
Quarry Track Car Park, Higher Terrace DriveHaytor DownU14
Haytor Lower Car ParkHaytor Down
U & 3 disabled
Haytor Middle Car ParkHaytor DownU40
Haytor Top Car ParkHaytor Down
3 coaches
Fourwinds Car Park
Between Rundlestone
and Merrivale
Plasterdown Leat Car ParkPlasterdown CommonU10
Combestone Tor Car Park
Between Hexworthy
and Venford Reservoir
Hangman's Pit (West)
Holne MoorU3
Hangman's Pit (East)Holne MoorU4
Venford West Car ParkHolne MoorU32
Venford East Car ParkHolne MoorU35
Middle Stoke Scenic Car ParkHolne MoorU10
Gallant Le BowerHolneU4
Brentor ChurchBrentorU30
LydfordLydford opp The Castle InnM25
Meldon Car ParkMeldonU85
West Down Farm Car ParkNorth end of PlasterdownU10
Grimstone and Sortridge LeatPlasterdown CommonU10
Leat Car Park Whimington RoadPlasterdownU12
Haytor Coach Park
Behind Haytor Information
U3 coaches
Blackingstone Rock Car ParkBlackingstone, MoretonhampsteadU8
Princetown VC Car ParkPrincetownU
2 coaches
Postbridge VC Car ParkPostbridgeU
3 coaches