Business planning and performance

Business planning and performance

Business Plan

The Business Plan provides an overview of our planned work for the year. It:

  • clarifies our mission; what we do and how we do it
  • establishes the values which underpin the way we do business
  • guides our work by setting priorities and identifying key delivery actions to achieve them
  • outlines how we will measure performance and monitor progress
  • informs the allocation of resources
  • is the key driver for all service plans and individual staff plans.

The Business Plan is published in April each year.

View the Business Plan 2024-25 (PDF)

Strategic Risk Register

The Strategic Risk Register records any internal and external risks and any actions to lessen their potential impact. The Risk Register is reviewed throughout the year, on a quarterly basis, and is reported to the Audit and Governance Committee.

Annual Performance Indicator Report

We monitor our work through a series of performance indicators which we report in the Annual Review, and also throughout the year on a quarterly basis to officers and Members through the Audit and Governance Committee.

View our Annual Review for 2022/23 (PDF)