Byelaws Review

Byelaws Review

Final draft of revised Byelaws

Following extensive work evaluating over 4,000 consultation responses, the final draft of the revised Byelaws has been considered at a special Authority meeting on 11 November 2022. Authority Report - November 2022 'Minded to make' amendments (PDF).

Work has been informed by legal advice, evidence, impact and sustainability assessments alongside detailed responses from statutory consultees and extensive public feedback.

The report to Authority sets the legal background, work carried out so far, the ‘minded to make’ modifications and next steps.

The current set of byelaws relating to access land on Dartmoor were adopted in 1989 and are therefore over 30 years old.

High Court judgment 13 January 2023

A High Court judgment issued on 13 January 2023 ruled there was no legal right to backpack (wild) camp on Dartmoor under the Dartmoor Commons Act 1985.

We have appealed the judgment. While that legal process takes place we have paused the Byelaws review.

What happens next?

In line with the byelaw-making process, we have consulted with statutory consultees and key interest groups, as well as considering any further comments.

Although there is no statutory requirement for another formal public consultation, we welcome comments on this final draft.


What changes are being proposed?

View a side-by-side comparison of the existing, proposed in September 2021 and, revised in November 2022 byelaws or the full final draft revised byelaws comparison of the existing, proposed and revised byelaws (PDF) or the full draft byelaws.

Find out which areas of land the byelaws apply to (PDF).

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