Junior Rangers

Junior Rangers

Are you aged 12 – 16? Do you love the great outdoors, fancy exploring your National Park?

Dartmoor National Park established the Junior Ranger Project in 2015. The project offers people between the ages of 12 – 16 a chance to develop a deeper understanding and passion for Dartmoor, as well as developing practical and personal skills.

This exciting project offers you an enjoyable way to become ambassadors for Dartmoor’s very special qualities. There are tons of opportunities for learning, meeting like-minded people and having loads of outdoor fun.

What you get

Your commitment will be recognised by working to achieve not one but four different Awards:

  • The nationally recognised John Muir Explorer 8 day award – which has four important elements: discover, explore, conserve and share.
  • The international Europarc Junior Ranger Certificate
  • The National Outdoor Learning Award which helps you reflect on behaviours to help develop and understanding of resilience and self-esteem. This award has now been adopted by the Institute of Outdoor Learning.
  • The local Dartmoor National Park Authority Junior Ranger Award

These certificates and awards help build a portfolio of achievement if you are interested in  a career in countryside management but can also be used to demonstrate motivation, commitment and personal development to employers or university admissions boards.

Youth Rangers

The new Youth Rangers programme is for graduating Junior Rangers and those aged between 15 – 18. Youth Rangers is much more demanding and requires the participants to carry out more complex tasks including a practical countryside skills course. Youth Rangers need 10 additional days volunteering with other conservation charities to the time they spend with us to qualify for their 20 day John Muir Explorer Award.

This film created by Youth Ranger Angus shows what the group got up to this year.

How to join

Upcoming Junior and Youth Ranger Events

Junior Rangers programmes start in April and run through to November in school holidays or at weekends.

Currently there is no membership fee because of generous external funding from the Green Recovery Challenge Fund.

If you are interested in either the Junior Ranger or Youth Ranger programmes please email education@dartmoor.gov.uk.


Dartmoor National Park’s Junior Rangers won the Dartmoor Preservation Association shield in 2017 and in 2018 won the prestigious UK National Parks Volunteer ‘Group’ Award.