Winter Guidelines

Winter Guidelines

Winter on Dartmoor can be a beautiful place, but it can also be a challenging one too. Heavy snowfall, ice and wintry conditions can have a big impact on everyone who lives and works on Dartmoor so it's really important that you keep yourself and others safe if you're planning a trip here. The weather can be very different and can change quickly so you need to be prepared.

Here's some advice on keeping safe while outdoors.

  • Check the forecast for weather warnings and traffic information about any road closures or incidents
  • Keep gateways free so farmers can access fields to check on the welfare of their animals
  • Stay on open moorland areas; don't go on private land for sledging or any other activity
  • Keep dogs under control at all times
  • Take all rubbish (including sledging materials) home with you
  • Pack spare warm clothes, blanket, food and a hot drink in your car in case the weather gets worse when you're out and about
  • Drive to the condition of the roads and take your time - moorland roads can be very icy and it's better to go slowly and get to your destination safely
  • Only use official car parks and designated car parking areas
  • Don't leave vehicles on roadsides, verges or turning areas. This is really important as clogged roads can stop or obstruct emergency services.
  • Respect all “ROAD CLOSED” signs.

Love Moor Life when you visit

You can help to protect the wildlife and animals on Dartmoor by following the Ranger Code

Follow the Ranger Code