Winter Guidelines

Winter Guidelines

Winter on Dartmoor is a beautiful time, particularly in the snow. However, the weather can be changeable and it is important to know how to keep safe while out enjoying the moors. Please also consider that icy roads and snow can cause great difficulty for emergency services, highway authorities, local residents and farmers.

If you are coming to Dartmoor during periods of snowfall, please follow these simple steps:

  • Listen to advice and warnings, regularly check local media updates and weather reports
  • Farmers need access to fields to check on the welfare of animals so please don't block gateways. Animal’s lives could be put at risk if farmers can't reach them.
  • Stay on the open moorland areas - do not enter farmers’ fields for sledging or any other activity
  • Keep dogs under control at all times
  • Take all rubbish (including sledging materials) home with you
  • Wrap up warm and make sure you have a shovel, blankets, food, and a hot drink
  • Dartmoor roads can be dangerous in snow and icy conditions so please drive slowly and with extra care
  • Use official car parks and lay-bys for parking
  • Do not leave unattended vehicles on roadsides, verges or turning areas. They can stop emergency services from getting through.
  • Should snowfall be heavy and road closures are in place, do not drive beyond “ROAD CLOSED” signs. They are there to keep you safe.

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You can help to protect the wildlife and animals on Dartmoor by following the Ranger Code

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