Fairy Posies

Fairy Posies

Most flowers should be left where they are, growing in the countryside or in the garden for the bees and butterflies to enjoy and pollinate to make new flowers.

However, as these tiny posies only need a few flowers, it is fine to make them to decorate a teddy bears picnic perhaps or brighten up the kitchen by putting them in tiny vases.

You will need:Assortment of leaves and small flowers laid out on the ground

  • Sprigs of tiny assorted flowers
  • A medium size leaf
  • Scissors
  • Rafia or ribbon for a bow

Step 1

Pick an assortment of tiny flowers such as daisies from your garden and a medium sized plain leaf in which to wrap them.

Step 2

Arrange the flowers on the leaf and fold the leaf around the stems of the flowers to hold them in place.

Step 3

Cut a length of raffia/ribbon to tie around the posy. Wrap it around the base of the leaf and tie in a neat bow. Trim the ends of the raffia/ribbon with scissors.


Tiny posy of flowers next to a 15cm ruler

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