Giant Nature Letters

Giant Nature Letters

I love twigs and sticks. Sticks are easy to find, natural and the best bit is that they are totally free. If you haven’t got any twigs in your garden perhaps you can find some on your daily walk.

You will need:

  • Twigs or sticks of different lengths
  • Secateurs (ask an adult to help you)
  • Natural items of your choice for decoration
  • Natural jute string for tying and hanging

Step 1

Collect and cut your branches to size. Freshly cut branches are better for bendability but where possible try and collect them from the ground. Please ask for some adult help before you use the secateurs.

Step 2

Arrange your letters to spell you name and either leave them displayed on the ground or begin to tie them together if you decide that you want to hang them.

Step 3

Once your letters are secure with the string, the fun of decoration begins! Again, these will need to be tied on if you are going to hang them. Other decorations to consider could be feathers, pretty stones, seed pods, or leaves.

Girl smiling next to sticks and daisies spelling 'AmelieBoy smiling next to sticks and greenery spelling out 'Josh

Don’t they look beautiful? Have fun creating your own letters and send me your photos like Josh and Amelie have done to

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