Teddies Wigwam

Teddies Wigwam

Teddy in a wigwam fishingHere is a little wigwam for your favourite teddy that is quick and easy to make and requires no sewing. When you have made it you can then create a scene.

You will need:

  • 4 sticks about 70 cm long
  • A piece of fabric, about 50cm x 120cms
  • Ribbon
  • String
  • Scissors

Step 1

Find some long straight-ish sticks – they need to be longer than the width of your fabric.

Step 2

Find a flat piece of ground. Push the four sticks into the ground to make the corners of a square. The sides of the square should be about two hands spans apart.

Step 3

Cut a long piece of string. Gather the top ends of the sticks together and wrap the string around them a few times to hold them firm. Finish with a tight knot.

Step 4

Wrap the fabric around the frame gathering it around the top. Hold the fabric in place by wrapping the ribbon around the top and finish with a bow.

Step 5

Cut two smaller pieces of string.Twist the wigwam fabric around so the opening is in the middle of two sticks. Tie the bottom corners of the fabric onto the sticks to make the opening of the wigwam.

My teddy went fishing… Can you see how many fish he has caught? What will yours do? Send me a photo at education@dartmoor.gov.uk

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