Y Stick Weaving

Y Stick Weaving

Every season has its gifts to offer us and it is fun to explore, collect what we see, and make a nature weave to hang outside in the garden or inside in the kitchen. Or perhaps in the porch where your neighbours will be able to see your art work.

You will need:

  • A forked ‘Y’ shaped stick
  • Natural string or wool
  • A selection of natural grasses, flowers and leaves or you might also like to add some colourful ribbons

Step 1

First, find a forked stick, in the garden or on your daily walk if you have a woody area nearby.

Two sticks shaped like the letter 'Y

Step 2

Choose your string or wool and tie one end to the stick.

Piece of string tied to a stick

You can choose any colour you like. I tend to keep my string to somewhat neutral or nature-y, so that the materials I weave in become the focal point. But you could use a coloured wool that reflects the colour of the season. What colour would Spring be?

Step 3

Wrap the yarn back and forth, doubling it around each side to keep it taut. Tie it at the top when finished.

String wrapped in a zigzag pattern between 'Y' shaped stick

Step 4

Go exploring the garden or on a daily walk and collect a selection of nature items. I like to start with grasses or a flower with a long stem. The more you weave in and out the more taut it becomes and will easily hold smaller objects.

Y' shaped stick wrapped in coloured string and decorated with flowers and leaves

Where will you hang yours?

Send me a photo of your finished weave at education@dartmoor.gov.uk

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