Help us to Love Moor Life

You can help to protect the wildlife on Dartmoor by following the Ranger Code

Follow the Ranger Code

Please take litter homePlease take your litter home with you

Litter is a big problem; it can harm the wildlife and grazing livestock such as ponies. Plastic can also break up and end up in our rivers and be washed out to sea.

You won't find litter bins in the National Park, so it's always a good idea to carry a spare bag to take your rubbish home in. By leaving no trace when you visit you are helping to protect the environment and keep Dartmoor safe and beautiful.

Litter is anything left by a person that should not be in that place – this includes fruit peel, cigarette butts and human waste. It can be dangerous to wildlife, livestock, pets and other users of Dartmoor.

Litter can ruin some of our most precious landscapes, don’t ruin other people’s experience of Dartmoor by leaving your rubbish behind.

Wildlife and livestock

  • Wildlife and livestock can choke on plastic bags, plastic can holders and discarded balloons
  • Smaller wildlife can get trapped or tangled in plastic bags, plastic can holders or balloons and die
  • Tin cans can cause deep wounds to animals, animals looking for food can also become trapped in tin cans or plastic food containers
  • Broken glass can cause serious injures to wildlife and livestock and can cause a moorland fires when broken glasses magnifies the sun

Take action

If you'd like to take further action in the fight against litter you can join us at our #2MinuteLitterPick events. Sign up to receive volunteering news or keep an eye on our events page and social media for upcoming dates.

Reporting litter and fly tipping

If you come across any fly tipping or excessive litter within the park boundary please report it to the relevant council through the Clean Devon website.

Report it through Clean Devon