Share the roads and bridleways

Share the roads and bridleways

Share roads and bridlewaysThe roads and bridleways on Dartmoor are used by people, animals, vehicles and cyclists, sometimes all at once.

Sharing the space is about respecting each other. Be kind, say hello, and if people give way to you say thanks. It all makes for a better day out for everyone and a safer day for our animals.

Livestock on the road

  • Large areas of the National Park are unfenced. Livestock are free to roam and you should expect to see cows, ponies and sheep in the roads at any time.
  • This also applies to narrow lanes. You never know what’s around the next corner so take it slow.

All livestock, including ponies are owned by local farmers and commoners. If you come across injured livestock please call the Livestock Protection Officer immediately with as much information as possible.

Livestock Protection Officer: 07873 587561

Please leave a message and the officer will respond.

Walkers, cyclists, and other road users

There are many other users of Dartmoor roads. Expect to see walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

  • Give cyclists and horse riders space. Only overtake if you can do safely and try to give 2m space as you pass slowly.
  • Watch out for people stepping out into roads, particularly with social distancing measures in place.
  • Remember, not everyone will be able to hear or see you coming.

Share the bridleways

Walkers, cyclists and horse riders can all use bridleways.

  • All public rights of way users should be considerate of others
  • Cyclists are legally required to give way to pedestrians and horse riders
  • All users should, including runners and horse riders approach others at a safe speed and give clear and polite warning, particularly if approaching from behind

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