Help to prevent moorland fires

Help to prevent moorland fires

No open firesFires spread quickly across moorland vegetation and can be devastating to the landscape and wildlife, especially ground nesting birds. Fires also put livestock and members of the public at risk.

No open fires

To help us protect against the devastating impact of fire we ask you not to have open fires as part of your picnic or backpack camping at any time. It can get out of control quickly and start a moorland fire.

To help reduce the risk of fires further, please:

  • Do not discard cigarettes, matches or lighters
  • Beware that glass bottles left on the ground can start fires. Leave no trace.

High Fire Risk

During long periods of dry, hot weather there is a significant risk of wildfires on Dartmoor. In times of a high fire risk, please:

  • Do not use portable BBQs or camping stoves
  • Take notice of any advisory or warning signs
  • Follow directions from National Park Rangers and Emergency Services

If you see anything suspicious please phone the police on 101.

In the event of seeing a fire, please report it quickly to the fire service on 999 with the location, so that they can take action.