Tales From the Rails

Audio Trail

The railway would have had a huge impact on those people who lived and worked in the area and the people who visited the moor. Download the audio trail to your phone or mp3 player to discover some of their stories. There are eight tracks to download, each related to a different character.

To use the audio trail follow the Wray Valley Trail from Bovey Tracey and look for the numbered waymarker posts along the route which correspond to the numbered audio story.

  1. The Potter's story
  2. The Housekeeper's story
  3. The Nurse's story
  4. The Miner's story
  5. The Railwayman's story
  6. The Quarryman's story
  7. The Woodsman's story
  8. The Traveller's story

A transcript for the audio trail is available to download here

Tails from the Rails Audio Trail Download (Downloads as a zip file -12MB)

Alternatively you can follow the trail on you phone by downloading the Tales from the Rails podcast , or by downloading it on Spotify or as a podcast on an Apple device