Use of body worn video cameras

Use of body worn video cameras

Dartmoor Rangers are trialling the use of body worn video cameras in a bid to deter anti-social behaviour.  The trial period will last for 24 months with a formal review after 18 months.

The main aim of their use is to protect the health, safety and welfare of our Rangers by reducing the risk of incidents of verbal and physical abuse towards them. If necessary and appropriate, they could provide evidence to support legal action.

The use of cameras will be incident-specific. Rangers will turn the devices on in situations where they believe they may be subject to physical or verbal abuse or where someone is perceived as being threatening/aggressive towards them.

The camera, worn attached to Rangers’ uniform, will be clearly identifiable and will capture moving images and audio. Alongside the Authority’s existing health and safety policies it will give them an extra layer of protection when they are at work.

If you have any questions about the Authority’s use of body worn cameras, please contact Neil White, Head of Organisational Development at, or you can provide feedback or make a complaint using our online form.

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