Access and Rights of Way notices

Access Land Restrictions

It is sometimes necessary to restrict public access to areas mapped as CROW Access Land. Dartmoor National Park Authority (as Access Authority and Relevant Authority) may make Directions to restrict or exclude access for reasons including land management purposes, public safety, heritage and wildlife considerations. For Directions lasting six months or more, the Relevant Authority is required to carry out public consultation on any proposed restrictions before reaching a decision.

North Hessary Tor

A Direction to restrict public access to North Hessary Tor for reasons of public safety whilst engineering works are undertaken to the Television Mast.  The restriction takes effect from 1 March until 30 June.

North Hessary Tor Direction Site Notice (PDF)

Holwell Lawn

A Direction to restrict public access on specific dates has been given for reasons of public safety whilst competitive equestrian events take place.

Holwell Lawn Direction Site Notice (PDF)

Temporary Closures - Public Rights of Way

Temporary closures to public rights of way are sometimes necessary in order to undertake  essential maintenance or repairs.  We also receive applications for Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO's)  from utility companies and others undertaking works  that impact on the use of public paths. Paths are only kept closed for the minimum duration whilst works are carried out and if at all possible we will promote an alternative route for the duration of the closure.

Public Footpath No. 21 and No. 68 (Dartmoor Forest)

Effective from 1 March 2021 - 31 August 2021 for engineering works

Public Footpaths 21 and 68 (Dartmoor Forest)  PDF