Backpack Camping Code

Backpack Camping Code

Following the Backpack Camping Code will help to protect Dartmoor’s fragile moorland environment. Check the Camping Map to find out where you can and are encouraged to pitch your small tent.

Travel light

  • Use a lightweight tent and equipment that fits into a backpack you can carry
  • Staying one or two nights max as part of your longer walk or expedition

Stay out of sight

  • Small and lightweight tents which easily blend into the landscape
  • Out of sight from roads and buildings
  • There must be no more than six people in a group

Tread lightly

  • No open fires or BBQs
  • Take all litter home
  • Bury poo and used toilet paper under at least 15cm of turf (you will need to take a trowel with you)
  • Don't pollute streams or rivers
  • Avoid disturbing wildlife, particularly during lambing and bird breeding season (1 March - 31 July)

Remember Dartmoor is a beautiful and special place

If you worry about carrying your rubbish out, need a bin or a toilet ,or need more equipment and facilities to enjoy back pack camping, then this isn’t for you – please use a campsite instead!

Find out how you can love moor life by following the Ranger Code