Camping Map

Camping Map

Backpack camping on Dartmoor commons

We will be responding to a new application seeking to appeal the Court of Appeal’s judgment which allowed backpack camping on some of Dartmoor’s commons without landowner permission.

On Friday 1 September, Authority agreed to object to the application lodged with the Supreme Court on Friday 25 August.

This means that, should the Supreme Court grant permission for a hearing, the Authority will be represented to argue its case. Read more about the reasons for that decision here.

Please remember if you are planning a backpack camping trip to check the camping map below and follow leave no trace principles.

How can I backpack camp (wild camp)?

  • Backpack camping means carrying your own equipment as part of your walk and staying one or two nights max. You can only camp overnight in certain areas (see map), and provided that you follow the Code of Conduct .
  • No overnight stays in vehicles, campervans or motorhomes.
  • No large tents or large groups camping.
  • Leave no trace - don't light fires and take all your rubbish home with you

Ground nesting bird season 1 March - 31 July

Please take extra care during this time and avoid the rare bird nesting sites.

Check the interactive map below. Please make sure you clear your cache (by pressing your control and F5 key) to see the latest version of the map.