Camping Map

Camping Map

The High Court declared on 13 January 2023 that that Section 10(1) of the Dartmoor Commons Act 1985 does not confer on the public any right to pitch tents or otherwise make camp overnight on the Dartmoor Commons.

We have reached an agreement with The Dartmoor Commons Owners’ Association to discuss how backpack camping on some parts of the Dartmoor Commons can continue.

Does this statement mean DNPA are not appealing the High Court judgment?

The Authority met on 27 January and has agreed to seek permission to appeal the High Court judgement.

How would a permissive system work?

The detail has yet to be developed but in essence landowners would enter into a legal agreement with us which would grant permission to the Authority to allow the public to backpack camp on specified land.  For these areas a member of the public wishing to backpack camp would not have to seek the approval of the landowner as it would already have been granted via the agreement.

What will this new permissive system cost?

People backpack camping will not be charged under this system. It is free at the point of delivery.

The new agreements will involve a payment to landowners by DNPA, but the amount has not yet been discussed in detail. These costs have not been budgeted for by the Authority.  We will be writing to Defra to ask if they will provide funding to support this process.

How will I know where I can backpack camp (wild camping)?

We have worked with landowners on a new interactive map showing areas where you can wild camp without needing prior approval from the landowner. You must check this before you plan your trip

How can I backpack camp (wild camp)?

  • You can backpack camp on some parts of Dartmoor This is by carrying your own equipment as part of your walk and staying one or two nights max. You can only do this in certain areas (see map), and provided that you follow the Code of Conduct .
  • No overnight stays in vehicles, campervans or motorhomes.
  • No large tents or large groups camping.
  • Leave no trace - don't light fires and remember to take all your rubbish home with you

Please check the interactive map below. Please make sure you clear your cache (by pressing your control and F5 key) to see the latest version of the map, as areas may be added once agreements have been reached with landowners.