Welcome to Dartmoor Princetown Walk

Welcome to Dartmoor Princetown Walk

Route Details

Terrain: Linear route following a gravel surfaced bridleway, some gentle inclines and number of granite cross drains and a small granite bridge.

Time: approx. 1 hour

Distance: 3km (2 miles)

Facilities: Toilets, pubs, cafe and National Park Visitor Centre

Parking: Princetown car park

Summary: A short, easy access route that takes you on top of the moors to South Hessary Tor. From South Hessary soak in the wide expanse of the moors and views right down to the sea.

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1. Historic Pubs

Leaving the car park follow the pavement towards the Plume of Feathers pub. Cross the road and take the road on the left hand side of the pub. The Plume of Feathers was constructed in 1785 and is thought to be the oldest substantial structure in Princetown constructed by Charles Tyrwhitt of Tor Royal at the time he was founding the settlement. It pre-dates the prison by over twenty years.

2. Medieval Routes

Follow the short section of road onto the bridleway and up through a gate where you will be treated with views of the open moor. The bridleway at this point is part of the ‘Abbot’s Way’ an old route across southern Dartmoor, long thought to have linked the medieval monastic foundations at Tavistock and Buckfast. However, it is first mentioned in 1794 by a traveller named John Andrews and locally has also been called ‘Jobblers’ or Jobbers’ Path.

3. Dartmoor Landscapes

Take in the views across the moor. The open, windswept upland moors are characterised by large expanses of grass and heather, peat blanket bogs, and valley mires. These provide habitats for wildlife such as skylark, meadow pipit, common lizards and fox moth caterpillars. The open moorland resulted from a long history of human management and diversity is maintained by cattle, pony and sheep grazing. Continue along the bridleway until you reach South Hessary Tor. On clear days in the distance you can see Plymouth Sound. Once you have absorbed the landscapes, head back down the bridleway and into Princetown for refreshments.

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