Postbridge lies in the centre of Dartmoor (between Moretonhampstead and Two Bridges on the B3212) and is an ideal place to explore Dartmoor’s archaeology.

Just a short walk from our National Park Visitor Centre is one of the best examples of a clapper bridge.

The bridge at Postbridge is one of the finest in the country. It is believed to date back to medieval times and would probably have replaced stepping stones to help packhorses cross the river. The bridge has two central piers spanned by three large granite slabs, or clappers.

In nearby Bellever Forest, there are many archaeological remains, including round houses, stone rows and a burial cist.

There is another clapper bridge at Bellever which stands over the East Dart River. It provided a crossing place for the ancient tenements positioned further along the west and east banks and linked with the Lych Way that runs through Bellever. Bellever bridge lost its central clapper over a hundred years ago and was replaced by a 19th century bridge.

Postbridge is also a great centre for activities - there are plenty of walking and cycling routes in Bellever Forest, and more experienced walkers can stride out from here to cross the north moor.

A good starting point is our Visitor Centre and here you will find books and leaflets to help you explore the area, including the Walks around Postbridge leaflet.  Upstairs there is an exhibition which tells the story of the exciting Bronze Age  finds from the Whitehorse Hill excavation, complete with replicas of the jewellery.

Did you know?

The clapper bridge at Postbridge is one of the finest in the country, and dates back to medieval times for packhorses to cross the river. The word clapper is thought to derive from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘cleaca’, meaning stepping stones, or ‘bridging the stepping stones’.

Best things to see and do

  • Visit the Life, Death and Landscape exhibition at the Visitor Centre, featuring the famous Whitehorse Hill discovery and buy a Walks around Postbridge leaflet
  • Enjoy an off road cycle ride through Bellever Woods
  • Download the Postbridge and Bellever audio walks to your phone for a 6 mile circular walk
  • Join a guided walk to visit a haymeadow in Postbridge (early summer)
  • Visit the nearby Powdermills gunpowder mill

Address: Postbridge PL20 6TH, B3212 Moretonhampstead to Two Bridges Road.

What’s nearby?

Bellever Forest

This is a family-friendly place where you can enjoy the tranquillity of a picnic by the East Dart River, or take an exhilarating walk to see the stunning views from Bellever Tor.  You will discover numerous archaeological sites as you explore Bellever and see a variety of wildlife, including the Dartmoor Ponies which have been brought here by the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust to graze the land.


Nearby, you can visit the the remains of a 19th century gunpowder factory known as Powdermills. In was in operation between 1844 and 1897 and gunpowder was produced and used in the local mines and quarries.