Tavistock Neighbourhood Development Plan

Tavistock Neighbourhood Development Plan

Tavistock Town Council wish to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan and sought designation of Tavistock Parish as a "Neighbourhood Area". As the parish of Tavistock falls only partly within the Dartmoor National Park, the Town Council’s request for designation as a Neighbourhood Development Plan area was submitted to both West Devon Borough Council and the Dartmoor National Park Authority as the local planning authorities for the area.

Dartmoor National Park Authority and West Devon Borough Council confirmed their approval of Tavistock Town Council’s proposal to designate a Neighbourhood Area, for the purposes of preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan on the ??

Application Documents

Tavistock Neighbourhood Plan Area designation notice dated 18 August 2021

Letter from Tavistock Town Council dated 8 July 2021

More Information

For more information about the preparation of the Plan please visit the Tavistock Town Council website (external site, not managed by Dartmoor National Park) or contact the the Town Clerk:info@tavistock.gov.uk