Year 2: Approved Applications

Year 2: Approved Applications

The following projects were approved in year 2 of the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme (March 2022 - March 2023).

Project referenceProject nameProject descriptionFiPL grant awardedDate awarded
DNP-FPL-102 Blackaton Orchard This project includes fencing livestock into a secure grazing area away from water courses; providing an alternative water source for livestock; planting fruit and nut trees to increase habitat and food resources for wildlife; providing shelter and shade for livestock; as well as a sustainable food source for local people in the future. £4,907.38 14/03/2022
DNP-FPL-103 Blackhall Farm Field boundary restoration: to restore 305 metres of historic boundaries by combination of earth bank restoration, hedge laying and fencing. £3,782.00 26/11/2022
DNP-FPL-122 Beetor Farm To develop a farm diversification business utilising a seed harvester to harvest and sell wildflower seed for meadow restoration on Dartmoor. £2,273.00 03/07/2022
DNP-FPL-124 Pudsham Meadows Continued improvement of the management of exceptionally species rich old hay meadows and creation of additional traditional hedgerows. £2,777,20 03/10/2022
DNP-FPL-129 Bala Brook To improve the management of this range of habitats for the benefit of wildlife, to care for the historic features, to increase diversity and to create access, both physical and educational, for visitors. We also aim to create opportunities for volunteering and to forge links with local groups. £10,459.05 27/04/2022
DNP-FPL-131 / DNP-FPL-189 Narracombe Create a structurally diverse woodland that will enhance the habitat in and around the site through the establishment of a sustainable local business through charcoal and biochar production.
Educate others, particularly children in woodland management and allowing them to learn outdoors.
Enhance an existing permissive pathway by planting an orchard through which the path will pass and aiding access by replacing a broken gate which the footpath passes.
£18,875.85 07/06/2022
DNP-FPL-132 Sanduck Cross Farm To operate a small sheep farm in harmony with the wildlife and countryside of Dartmoor.
1.  Create New Woodland
2.  Improve Natural Regeneration by Deer Management
3.  New Wildlife Habitats
£6,270.00 25/05/2022
DNP-FPL-134 Greyhound

To carry out 20 public sheep dog demonstrations - 'Two Men and Their Dog' - so that the public can learn about Dartmoor as a living and working landscape.
Installing new sheep signs to improve dog control on Dartmoor.

£10,635.00 27/04/2022
DNP-FPL-135 Soussons Access To improve the well-used public bridleway that runs from Soussons Farm to Challacombe Farm, by creating a raised causeway along this section using growan excavated from beside the track, and to surface the ford with pitched large granite slabs, sourced from a nearby farm, some of which will be left proud to act as stepping stones in all but the highest flows. £2,115.00 25/05/2022
DNP-FPL-137 Bowden Farm II To provide basic toilet facilities and handwashing area within the curtilage of the farm yard, to provide suitable facilities for visitors to the farm. This improved infrastructure will support and encourage organised public access to the farm for events such as Open Farm Sunday and school visits, as well as provide basic facilities for temporary summer camping, for example Duke of Edinburgh camping. £11,352.00 28/04/2022
DNP-FPL-139 Blackslade Manor To plant 220 trees, including an orchard and 192 metres of new hedgerow, including stone wall restorations and fencing. £21,955.68 25/05/2022
DNP-FPL-140 Great Houndtor To boost biodiversity and soil carbon through low input planned grazing.
Ensure the farm business is viable, sustainable and resilient.
Protect the historic character and beauty of this landscape.
£3,336.00 25/05/2022
DNP-FPL-142 Drywell Farm To repair historic drain along the Two Moors Way.
To create new drainage gutter along Two Moors Way.
To repair gaps in drystone wall adjecent to bridleway.
£5,625.00 01/07/2022
DNP-FPL-201 Butterbrook House Restoration of a leat, grassland and wood pasture and installation of a water trough system at Butterbrook House.
Conserving species rich grassland and restoring wood pasture; plus restoring a historic and functional leat; and installing a gravity-driven water pump system to supply drinking troughs which will improve conservation grazing.
£36,290.27 22/09/2022
DNP-FPL-202 Blachford Farm To stabilise and enhance the former heritage watermill building. Reduce run-off from nearby water courses, reduce soil erosion by reinstating the mill pond attenuation area thus better managing water flow. Improve nature habitat opportunities at the barn for protected species and provide a landscape focal point immediately next to an established public right of way. £20,600.00 19/10/2022
DNP-FPL-203 Eggworthy To repair the stone wall between Routrundle and Walkhampton Common. This wall has been identified as being amongst the oldest in the area, as it has an unusual overlapping top row of stones that prevent animals climbing it. £15,349.00 20/09/2022
DNP-FPL-205 Delamore Home Farm

Protecting the ancient woods and streams around the lower edges of the farm with additional fencing; Restoring the area of wet grassland and rush pasture; Establishing 2 fields as herbal leys Managing 5 other fields as low input grassland Fencing the species-rich hedges, adopting a conservation management cycle and installing 7 gates

£66,046.80 30/09/2022
DNP-FPL-208 Quarry Farm Preparing ground and planting fruit trees, labour and materials, and cutting back willow. £4,933.22 21/09/2022
DNP-FPL-210Forest of DartmoorPurchase of specialist vegetation management and fire fighting equipment.£121,350.5612/12/2022
DNP-FPL-221West Blackdown
Anti flooding project, but not natural flood management. Clearing out historic drainage ditches that have become neglected - reinstating them to channel water off and prevent houses / village from flooding.
DNP-FPL-214Trenchford Valley
A collaboration between three adjoining land managers running 5 projects consisting of combining traditional conservation grazing with Dartmoor ponies, and mob grazing with local cattle. Restoring a historic stone wall, and strategic land management using local contractors to improve biodiversity. Provide educational visits, to engage with the public about forestry, conservation, mob grazing, and traditional skills such as coppicing, ecology, sustainable land use, and climate change.
DNP-FPL-218Blackhall Farm 2
Field boundary restoration and priority woodland habitat restoration.
Restore 140m of historic field boundaries. Provide 150m of protective fencing for 0.55ha of priority woodland habitat.
DNP-FPL-211Shallowford, Farm2CityThis project will deliver a programme of activities to connect and engage communities living in Wandsworth, London with farming and conservation communities on Dartmoor. The project will take the Dartmoor Farm to central London.£38,182.0012/01/2023
DNP-FPL-226Teign Valley VenisonPurchase of two items of equipment to help deer management, which they will then sell through their business 'Teign Valley Venison'.  Items include a thermal imager and a capstan winch.£2,906.0019/01/2023
DNP-FPL-220Lowertown FarmRestoring hedgerows and banks by a combination of earthing up, tree shearing and hedge laying and re-fencing, roughly 680m in total.£9,587.4202/02/2023
DNP-FPL-216Forder FarmGrass land restoration, woodland planting, meadow creation, orchard planting, fencing - all to encourage wildlife biodiversity in the valley.£7,695.2207/02/2023

Central Dartmoor Farm Cluster CIC

A project to improve biodiversity and soil health across 10 farms in the Postbridge area, giving farmers a better understanding of their existing and potential Natural Capital, and undertake improvements.


DNP-FPL-213Great Sloncombe
Reinstate a historic orchard by planting cider apple trees with guards. Reinstatement of historic field access and drovers tracks. Restore traditional farm buildings, stone walls and gateways.
Install cattle drinking troughs and systems to stop cattle drinking from water courses.
Woodland improvements and the planting of parkland trees.
Installation of owl boxes.
DNP-FPL-209Dunstone Farm
Planting 2 ha of native woodland to extend neighbouring SSSI site.
Maintenance and improvement of meadow, and the creation of wood pasture. Establishing a traditional orchard and a coppice woodland.
Creating 400m of native hedgerow, and protecting the site with deer proof fencing.
DNP-FPL-215Sky YonderPlanting a new hedgerow, and the creation of two traditional orchards - planting 155 fruit trees, primarily local heritage varieties suited to the location.£6,710.9610/02/2023
DNP-FPL-219Holne Moor TreesPlanting 100 trees on Holne moor at very low densities over 30+ha. All trees protected with Cactus tree guards and supported with metal rebar.£4,855.2016/02/2023
DNP-FPL-227Smith Hill Newtake
Scrapes for water habitat to support curlew re-introduction within the Newtake.
DNP-FPL-228Roborough CommonScrub control and bracken management on Roborough Common to improve the quality and increase the extent of High Brown Fritillary breeding habitat.£4,428.0027/02/2023
DNP-FPL-101Great Moor 1 & 2
Great Moor 1:
1. Maintain and enhance the NVC M25/M23 - through grazing, scrub control and water level management
2. Manage the H4 by rotational cutting
3. Keep the mature woodland to its existing footprint
4. Increase and manage the amount of open scrub on site
5. Create more open standing water
Great Moor 2:
1.Securing of external boundary to allow summer grazing.
2. Addition of 300m of fencing and 2 new field gates.
DNP-FPL-232Greyhound and Merripit PathsTo improve the quality of the paths leading north out of Postbridge. These are the ‘gateway’ paths onto the north moor from the large car parks at Postbridge and Bellever Forest, and are used by Ten Tors participants and people doing the ‘waterfall walk’.£13,87003/03/2023
DNP-FPL-127Kirkside Farm 1 & 21. Regenerate old / ancient orchard which dates back to the 1800’s and is shown as a working orchard on the Ordinance Survey of 1904.
2. Plant trees throughout on a scattered basis to increase the wooded areas and improve connectivity
3. Fence the farm boundary on a steep valley slope in oak woodland to enable animals to be allowed in the woodland as conservation grazers.
4. Provide water supply and troughs to enable the keeping of cattle and Dartmoor ponies for conservation grazing to improve botanical diversity.
5. Grassland survey to monitor grassland diversity as a baseline.