Year 3: Approved Applications

Year 3: Approved Applications

The following projects were approved in year 3 of the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme (March 2023 - March 2024).

Project referenceProject nameProject descriptionFiPL grant awardedDate awarded
DNP-FPL-229Chagford Regenerative Farmers Association CICA two year project aiming to help a number of farms to come together in collaboration and adopt more efficient and sustainable pasture management. The project is anticipated to impact over 100ha across 10 farms of varying size. The farmers involved will aim to improve health and vitality of the River Teign catchment area through regenerative farming principles; closely allied to the improvement in farming profitability and protection of the environment.£59,445.0002/08/2023
DNP-FPL-230The Cure DartmoorA two year project, with the aim of rearing rare breed pigs in 5 acres of woodland in order to make sustainable, local charcuterie.£6,599.4011/05/2023
DNP-FPL-233FrenchbeerA trial of No Fence Grazing collars to enhance moorland diversity at Frenchbeer Farm, Cherrybrook and Longaford Newtakes.£16,808.0001/06/2023
DNP-FPL-234Narracombe 2Educational visit relating to sustainable woodland management and charcoal making, as part of the applicant's vision for a small sustainable woodland business.£9,800.0026/04/2023
DNP-FPL-235Bury the Giant

An education and engagement project, helping a wider range of people understand the value of Dartmoor’s peatlands and opportunities for nature-based solutions to benefit society.  The project employs participative art/craft work as a platform for learning and engagement, resulting in production of a collaborative artwork that can tour/be displayed in the National Park.

DNP-FPL-236Stowers Deer ManagementFunding towards deer management items in order to reduce deer numbers and improve biodiversity on 76 ha of Dartmoor.£5,901.3225/05/2023
DNP-FPL-239Bowden No FenceNo Fence collars to improve habitat on Holne Common through precise grazing management.£6,682.0001/06/2023
DNP-FPL-241Langaford 2Maintaining and improving rhos pasture and species rich hay meadows, particularly for marsh fritillaries. Enhancing Langaford Trust’s role in education by continuing to run day courses based on study of natural environment, with a special focus on soils, butterflies, breeding birds and meadow management.£35,910.0007/07/2023
DNP-FPL-242Meads FarmThe purchase of a small tractor mounted sprayer to be shared amongst local farms in the local Parish in order to establish herbal leys.£6,080.0010/08/2023
DNP-FPL-243Challacombe 3Creation of a valley woodland, area of wood pasture, a traditional orchard and access works at Challacombe Farm.£4,996.8322/08/2023
DNP-FPL-244Teign Valley Venison 2Equipment to support deer management and the supply of venison in the Teign Valley area.£3,137.0010/08/2023
DNP-FPL-242Meads Farm

This project is to fund the purchase of a small tractor mounted sprayer plus a foam marker kit for accuracy, that will enable at least two farms to ensure they have clean pasture in which to establish clover and or herbal lays.

DNP-FPL-247Brook Manor 3The creation of a Nofence grazing system, which the applicant has been trialling very successfully on loan over the last few months and is now looking to establish this long term. Also some additional protection for parkland trees using cactus guards, and 10 swift boxes for a new swift colony they are establishing on site after 3 years of playing calls to attract first time breeders.£4,821.2217/08/2023
Providing equipment for 'Sustainable Parenting' group. In addition to improving the water supply for livestock, and some improvements to boundary walls, granite gateways and planting some orchard trees.
DNP-FPL-243Challacombe Farm 3To improve access buy installing two new bridlegates and a fingerpost at Challacombe Farm. Plant a small copse, with protection, alongside a stream. Plant a new orchard and 18 trees in cactus guards to create wood pasture.£4,996.8324/08/2023
DNP-FPL-260Mardlewood 2The purchase and installation of a new deer chiller to ensure the production of high quality venison from deer that have been managed sustainably on Dartmoor and the surrounding area.£3,500.8013/10/2023
DNP-FPL-261Paisley Mead Farm
Improvement of water quality, natural flood management and habitat enhancement on the farm. The project involves improving the farm yard infrastructure through rainwater harvesting and repairing yard surfaces.
DNP-FPL-255White Wood ManagementWhite Wood Management is a Dartmoor based woodland conservation specialist and supplier of locally sourced high quality timber. This project aims to provide sawmilling equipment to continue the supply of timber into the South West Peatland Partnership ‘Mires’ project and support the economic management of many Dartmoor woodlands.£18,48713/11/2023
DNP-FPL-248Devon Coppice and Smallwoods GroupFunding towards the development of a website that can provide an Interactive Woodland Coppice Map of Devon. The website will present an integrated approach to historical and contemporary coppice woodland management activity for the whole of Devon. It will also provide a forum for woodland workers’ discussion groups, education and offers of contract work.£8,336.0021/11/2023
23/11/2023Soggy BottomWoodland management on a land holding, native tree planting and mulching, and deer fencing for protection.£2,305.3623/11/2023
DNP-FPL-253Mary Tavy Telephone Box

A community project to transform a decommissioned telephone box in Mary Tavy into a museum and archive of the history of the copper and arsenic mine Devon Friendship (formerly Wheal Friendship) and the wider impact of mining on Dartmoor.

DNP-FPL-238Hapstead Community Interest Company 2Further educational visits for children from Camphill Trust. In addition to the purchase of electric fencing and water supply equipment so that native Red Ruby Devon Cattle can be mob grazed.£13,023.6404/12/2023
DNP-FPL-222Mary Tavy Heritage Trail

To improve the track surface and restore the stone wall on Route 27 (Devon Coast to Coast Cycle Route).
To create a permissive footpath along the historic ‘Bennetts’ leat and reservoir, with associated fencing, signage, bridge and gates.
Conserve the wildlife habitats associated with this leat.

DNP-FPL-256Higher HurstonRestoration of the historic corn ditch boundary where Higher Hurston Farm meets Chagford common and the protection of, and improved connectivity between, existing and potential Marsh Fritillary wetland habitat.£16,79206/12/2023