How to use the planning application search

How to search for an application

As search information must match our records exactly to bring up a result, it is often best to search using the planning application code (e.g. 17/0001). If the application code is not available to you then search using a key part of the address (e.g. for 34 Fore Street, search 'Fore Street') together with the parish. 

Alternatively you can search for a planning application using our map:

Interactive Planning Map

Commenting on a planning application

To comment on a planning application, search for the case you wish to comment on and then click on ‘Comment on application’ and complete the form.  

You must include a name and address. Anonymous comments will not be taken into account.

You should not include any personal data about yourself that you would not wish to appear online.  You should also not include any personal information about any other individual, or anything that could be considered offensive, defamatory or discriminatory.  Any comments should focus on relevant planning issues, not personal circumstances.

You are responsible for any statements that you make, and any content that is considered to be unacceptable will not be uploaded or will be removed.

Please note that under the terms of the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985, any correspondence on a planning application file can be made available to the applicant or other members of the public via the website.