Current Projects

Current Projects


There are many great projects running across Dartmoor over the next few years. Here are just a few you can support through donating:

Public Rights of Way

So far we have improved access to a number of areas including Buckfastleigh footpaths around the serenely beautiful ruins of the Holy Trinity church and the legendary tomb of Squire Cabell. Path restoration work and better signage have helped to improve walker’s experience of this lovely town on the edge of the moor. £15,000 was raised for this project and further donations will enable us to improve signage and access on other footpaths.

Just £10 helps us to add more information to signposts so that you know where you are going.

Southern Damselfly Project

£130 pays one person for a day to dig the narrow stream channels required for the aquatic larvae to live in. This essential habitat management gives the Southern Damselfly every chance to thrive. We are aiming to raise £1,500 this year to help further our knowledge of the Southern Damselfly and increase numbers in the unique habitats found across the moor. 

Dartmoor's wet valleys

Help us to conserve Dartmoor's rare wet valleys to bring back some of Europe's most endangered butterfly, bird and insect species from the brink. Marsh fritillary butterflies, Narrow-bordered Bee-hawk moth, Willow tit and the Dartmoor endemic Bog Hoverfly will all benefit from donations to help traditional systems of conservation grazing by Dartmoor ponies and hardy breeds to save areas of traditional rhôs pasture and enhance wet woodland and scrub.

£10 will help fund conservation grazing by ponies for one day.

Dartmoor's wildflower meadows

An astonishing 97% of wildflower meadows have disappeared from the UK's landscape since the 1930s. Dartmoor is one of a small number of uplands where clusters of wildflower meadows are still found. With donations, we can help to bring back traditional hay meadow cutting and grazing systems and support upland farmers to harvest and distribute flower-rich meadow seed to re-create hay meadows across Dartmoor.

£30 will pay for the collection and spreading of enough wild flower seeds to enhance an area of grassland equivalent to approximately two tennis courts.

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