Living Dartmoor

Living Dartmoor

A Strategy to deliver benefits for Dartmoor’s Wildlife

Living Dartmoor was produced by the Dartmoor Biodiversity Partnership in 2013. It sets out to co-ordinate work which will enable a network of healthy, diverse habitats to benefit wildlife, landscapes, people and natural resources over the next ten years.

The Strategy:

  • Maintains a focus for co-ordinated biodiversity conservation on Dartmoor
  • Takes forward progress made through the Dartmoor Biodiversity Action Plan 2001 – 2011
  • Provides a local response to national initiatives
  • Lays out Plans for Key Wildlife Areas and Key Species for Conservation
  • Seeks to approach this work at three levels – National/Regional, National Park, and Local

Follow the links below for more information on Living Dartmoor:

National and Regional Level

National Park Level - Key Wildlife Areas and Key Species for Conservation

The Local level