Barbastelle Bats

Barbastelle Bats

The barbastelle bat is fairly shy, highly mobile and one of the UK's rarer species of bat. Recent research undertaken as part of the Moor than meets the eye Landscape Partnership has shown that it is doing well in the woodlands of the Bovey Valley.

Research focused on examining seasonal variation in roosting and foraging behaviour of adult bats during the summer maternity period, and seasonal variation in prey choice. The research findings can now be used to inform the management of woodlands and the wider landscape, to promote conditions favourable for this bat species.

The research project involved volunteers working alongside bat experts to tag and radio track bats at regular intervals.

The original study was completed after a year-long intensive programme involving both specialist and general volunteers, of placing and monitoring bat boxes and using detectors to track movements. This successful project continues beyond its original scope to deliver additional data such as the CCTV monitoring of bat roosts.

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