Management Plan Review

With the current Management Plan coming to the end of its five year span we have started the review process with a view to having a revised plan in place in 2020. Having considered the current plan it was felt the best starting point was to look at the long term vision for the National Park taking us through to 2045 to then allow us to focus in on the next five years.

Over the summer/autumn of 2018 a series of 'Dartmoor Debates'  took place looking at five different topics

  • Economy
  • Historic Environment
  • Farming & Forestry
  • Understanding & Enjoyment and
  • The Natural Environment

There was also two further workshops for National Park Staff and members and a Next Generation event for the 18 - 30 age group.

As a result of the workshops we have been able to draw some conclusions to help inform a new (draft) vision for the National Park which is in the process of being consulted on. The first stage of this consultation was to present it to the 'Your Dartmoor' steering group which met in February 2019. More details about the steering group meeting and the papers which have been produced can be found on the steering group page.

The latest information and next steps can be found in our Your Dartmoor update

Given that the process is on-going through 2019 these pages will be updated regularly.