Meldon Industrial Archaeology case study

Meldon Industrial Archaeology case study

The wide variety of past industrial activity at Meldon is, perhaps, unequalled anywhere else within the Dartmoor National Park. This is largely due to a uniquely varied geology which outcrops in a relatively small area, presenting opportunities for a wide range of economical activities, some more successful than others.

The principal archaeological remains in the area are a number of buildings associated with the various industrial processes including disused quarries and spoil heaps, mining remains, traces of tramways and complex water management systems. The area has remained largely undisturbed since its abandonment and much has now been reclaimed by nature.

3A. Introduction to the Industrial Archaeology of the Meldon area

3B. Quarrying - Limestone

3C. Quarrying - Aggregate

3D. Meldon Viaduct

3E. Metalliferous Mining

3F. Glass making

3G. Peat workings

3H. Water supply