Consultation Quick Guide

Consultation Quick Guide

The Dartmoor Local Plan is currently at examination. This is the final stage before we adopt the Plan. The purpose of the examination is to consider whether the Local Plan meets legal requirements and is ‘sound’. We have now published a set of ‘Modifications’ for public consultation. This guide gives a brief overview of the process and how you can have your say on these proposed modifications. It is also available as a PDF download.

September 2020 - Submission

The Local Plan and supporting evidence was submitted for examination in 2020. An Inspector was appointed by the Secretary of State to carry out the examination.

> Submission Documents

December 2020 - Initial Questions

Following an initial assessment of the Plan, the Inspector asked us a series of questions and we responded to those. We were asked to provide written statements in response to the Inspector‘s Matters, Issues and Questions.

> DNPA’s response to Inspector's initial questions

March 2021 - Public Hearings

The Inspector held two weeks of online public hearings with the Authority, and those who had commented (if they wished). These examined issues that the Inspector wanted to explore in more detail, including matters raised during the public consultation.

> Inspector’s Hearing Agenda

> Hearing Statements

April 2021 - Preparation of modifications

The Inspector’s Interim Report indicated the modifications needed to make the Plan legally compliant and sound.

We prepared the following modifications to the Plan:

> Main Modifications – changes which affect how the Plan operates or is interpreted (e.g. policy wording)

> Additional Modifications – changes which do not affect how the plan operates (e.g. typos and references)

> Policy Map Modifications – changes to the Policy Map

June 2021 - Consultation on modifications

We are consulting on the modifications from 7th June to 19th July.

This consultation deals with the modifications only, and it is not an opportunity to reopen other areas of discussion where the Inspector has indicated no modifications are needed.

All comments will then be sent to the Inspector who will consider whether further public hearings and/or modifications are needed to make the Plan sound.

> Consultation documents

Late 2021 - Inspector's report and adoption

The Inspector publishes their final report. If the Inspector finds the Plan ‘sound’ any final modifications are made and it is adopted by DNPA and used to decide planning applications.