Local Plan Examination

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We submitted the Dartmoor Local Plan 2018 - 2036 to the Planning Inspectorate on 22 September 2020, for examination into the legal compliance and soundness of the Plan.

The Planning Inspectorate has appointed Ms R Barrett BSc MSc Dup Hist Cons MRTPI IHBC to hold an independent examination of the Dartmoor Local Plan. The Programme Officer responsible for assisting the Inspector with all aspects of the examination is Robert Young, who is independent of the Authority and works directly to the Inspector. Any correspondence or queries relating to the examination process should be directed to the Programme Officer.

Email: programmeofficer@dartmoor.gov.uk
Telephone: 07927 257888

Address: Mr Robert Young, c/o Forward Planning, Dartmoor National Park Authority, Parke, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ13 9JQ

The Public Hearings for the Local Plan Examination will be held from Tuesday 2 March to Friday 12 March 2021. Further information on how to view the Hearing Sessions is available below.

Viewing the Public Hearings

This page provides information and documents for the examination and will be updated throughout the process. For further information and updates please explore the click-to-show menu below.

Procedural Guidance on Local Plan Examinations is available from the Planning Inspectorate.

▼ Local Plan Review Examination Library

The Local Plan Review Examination Library consists of two main parts:

1. Original documents submitted for examination, see Core Documents page.

2. Documents produced during the examination, see the Examination Documents section below.

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▼ Examination documents

Documents which are produced through the Local Plan examination are known as examination documents and will be published here:

March 2021

ED35 - Matter 4 Additional Paper; Delivery of JLP Housing Allowance

ED34 - Authority's Opening Statement (2 March 2021)

ED33 - 5-Year Land Supply Update (1 March 2021)

February 2021

ED32 -  Inspector's Note 7, Hearing Agendas

ED31 - Statement of Common Ground with Historic England (12 February 2021)

ED30 - Inspector's Guidance Notes for Virtual Events (11 February 2021)

ED13A -  Draft Hearing Programme V2 (11 February 2021)

ED29 - Annual Monitoring Report 2019/20 (8 February 2021)

ED28 - Statement of Common Ground with Natural England (8 February 2021)

ED27 - Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications Version 3 (8 February 2021)

Hearings Statements (8 February 2021)

ED10 - Implications of Use Class Order Amendments (8 February 2021)

January 2021

ED14 - Notification of Independent Hearings (19 January 2021)

ED13 - Inspector's Draft Hearing Programme (13 January 2021)

ED12 - Inspector's Guidance Note (13 January 2021)

ED11 - Inspector's Matters, Issues and Questions (13 January 2021)

ED09 - Letter from Inspector to DNPA (5 January 2021)

December 2020

ED08 - Letter from DNPA to Inspector requesting modifications (16 December 2020)

ED07 - Schedule of Proposed Policy Map Modifications (16 December 2020)

ED06 - Schedule of Proposed Additional Modifications (16 December 2020)

ED05 - Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications (16 December 2020)

ED04 - Letter from DNPA answering Inspector's Initial Questions (16 December 2020)

ED03 - Letter from the Inspector with Initial Questions (11 December 2020)

October 2020

ED02 - Letter from DNPA notifying of Local Plan submission (23 October 2020)

ED01 - Letter from PINS confirming appointment of Inspector (12 October 2020)