Local Plan Review

The local plan guides future development in the National Park and is the starting point when we make decisions on planning applications. A lot has changed since we adopted our current local plan and we are currently going through the process of reviewing it.

We have now finished consulting on the final draft Dartmoor Local Plan (Regulation 19). The consultation ran from 16 September - 1 November 2019. You can still view the consultation documents below.

Local Plan Reg19 Cover

> Dartmoor Local Plan 2018 - 2036: Final Draft (7mb)

You can learn how to comment on the Final Draft Local Plan below.

The first draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) and other earlier consultation documents can still be viewed in the drop down box below, and all supporting evidence can be viewed in our background evidence section.

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▼ The final draft (Regulation 19) consultation

Consultation on Dartmoor's Regulation 19 final draft Local Plan has now ended. The consultation ran from 16th September 2019 until 1st November 2019. You can download the final draft Local Plan and Policies Map below.

Local Plan Reg19 Cover

> Dartmoor Local Plan 2018 - 2036: Final Draft (PDF 7mb)

You can see the changes we made and how we responded to comments on the First Draft Local Plan by looking at the track changes document below (please note, these are presented in a different format to the designed version above):

> Dartmoor Local Plan 2018 -2036: Final Draft Track Changes (PDF 4mb)

You can learn how to comment on the Final Draft Local Plan below.

Policies Map

> Interactive policies map

> Policies map (PDF 9mb)

A high resolution pdf policies map is available upon request.

▼ Timetable for the Local Plan Review

Following the consultation on the final draft Local Plan, we will review your comments. In the Spring of 2020 we will then submit these alongside the plan to the Planning Inspectorate for examination. At this point we may also recommend to the Planning Inspectorate that some minor modifications need to be made.

Public hearings will be held to discuss the soundness of the Local Plan and an Inspector's report may require modifications.

Following a successful examination we will adopt and start using the plan to determine planning applications.

> Local plan timeline diagram

> The Local Development Scheme outlines the overall timeline for Local Plan production

▼ Earlier consultations

As part of the Local Plan Review process, we have been carrying out research, talking with communities and reviewing policies since 2016.  Below is more information about the various phases of consultation to date:

Regulation 18 Consultation: Winter 2018/19

This was the first consultation on the draft Local Plan and the first time the proposed plan was published in its entirety. Residents, communities, visitors, businesses and other organisations shared their views on whether the draft plan appropriately responded to the issues identified in earlier consultation exercises or which have emerged in the interim.

As part of this consultation, we met more than 260 people across nine events, a great turnout that included members of the public, councillors, professionals, organisations and businesses.  All in all, we received 917 responses from 160 people and organisations, and you can view a summary of these responses below. This document provides an overview of the responses and it may not be possible to see individual comments.  You will be able to see in the next draft of the Local Plan (regulation 19) whether/how your comments have led to changes in the Plan.

> View Regulation 18 consultation summary of responses

Draft local plan cover

> Dartmoor Local Plan 2018 - 2033: First Draft (Regulation 18)

Sites Consultation: Autumn / Winter 2017

In summer 2017 we invited Parish and Town Councils to comment on a set of Settlement Profiles we prepared.

In autumn/winter 2017 we met with our larger communities in the 8 Local Centres across Dartmoor to talk about development site options, and around 400 councillors and members of the public attended these meetings. Thank you to everyone who came along - see our consultation summary report. These meetings were informed by evidence from our Land Availability Assessment which established a theoretical pool of sites which could, in technical terms, be developed. We have written a housing sites quick guide to help explain the process we will follow for allocating a site for development, the guide identifies where there will be opportunities to comment further.

Issues Paper: Autumn 2016

We consulted on an Issues Paper in Autumn 2016, asking residents, communities, visitors, businesses and other organisations to tell us what issues there are for future development on Dartmoor and how the Local Plan should address these. This included a programme of 15 events attended by approximately 350 people, and generated 1,717 individual written comments from 172 different individuals and organisations .  The Issues Consultation Paper below sets out the likely issues the new local plan will need to deal with, and our consultation summary report summarises the feedback we received.

Local plan review front cover

Issues Paper (October 2016)

> Issues consultation summary report

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