Finding you Evidence

Finding you Evidence

A successful neighbourhood plan is based on a robust evidence base which has considered a broad range of social, economic and environmental data and information.

A wide range of existing evidence may already be available for you to use, such as:

  • Previous work done to support a Parish or Town Plan
  • The evidence base produced to support our current and emerging Local Plans
  • SLAA (Strategic Land Availability Assessment)
  • Housing Needs Assessment
  • Census and other nationally collated data
    Environmental data such as biodiversity records, designated sites mapping etc.
  • Landscape assessments and flood risk mapping
  • Listed buildings, conservation areas and scheduled ancient monuments

In addition, you could:


Rural Services Network

RSN is the national champion for rural services, ensuring that people in rural areas have a strong voice. It has put together a selection of data that you will find helpful in setting the context for your plan. .

Office for National Statistics

The ONS is the UK's largest independent producer of official statistics such as census and employment data and the recognised national statistical institute of the UK.

On its People, Population and Community page, it has information on changes in the population, how we spend our money, and data on crime, relationships, health and religion to help you build a detailed picture of how your community lives.

Disadvantaged areas and Indices of Multiple Deprivation

Have a look at the interactive map to understand more about communities relative level of disadvantage in the UK,   and for more detailed analysis you can refer to the Indices of Multiple Deprivation.


On the Devonomics site you can access data and intelligence on topics relevant to the Devon economy. You can also access a range of reports and publications which form the evidence base for Devon’s Economic Assessment.

Dartmoor Local Plan Evidence

Look on our website for a library of evidence and research which has been used to inform the National Park’s adopted planning policies and emerging polices of the Local Plan review.

It is also important to remember that a neighbourhood plan must comply with European and National legislation for example regarding environmental assessments and have regard to national policy.  It must also be in general  conformity with existing strategic local planning policy.

What makes local plan policy strategic?

DNPA Strategic policies list