How we will help

How we will help

Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs) are prepared by communities for their own parishes or areas, with advice and support from their Local Planning Authority (LPA).  

Many Dartmoor parishes straddle the National Park boundary resulting in their neighbourhood plan area falling within the jurisdiction of more than one LPA, the Dartmoor National Park Authority and the relevant District/Borough Council.  All the LPAs involved have agreed a joint protocol which sets out the working arrangements between them including establishing a ‘Lead Authority’ as the primary contact for a NPG.

The following flowchart sets out the help and assistance offered by DNPA when acting as Lead LPA to Neighbourhood Planning Groups (NPG).

NDP Process

This advice and assistance also applies to Neighbourhood Development Orders, Community Right to Build Orders and modification of existing NDPs.

If you would like to discuss Neighbourhood Planning on Dartmoor, then please  contact Jo Rumble, the Communities Officer ( at the Dartmoor National Park Authority,