Historic Farmsteads

Historic Farmsteads

Dartmoor National Park has worked in partnership with Historic England to help inform proposals for development of Dartmoor’s historic farmsteads through sympathetic change and enhanced understanding of how they contribute to the distinctive and valued character of our rural landscapes.

The Dartmoor Historic Farmsteads Guidance aims to inform and achieve the sustainable development of historic farmsteads, including their conservation and enhancement. It will be of value to those with an interest in the cultural heritage of Devon and Dartmoor’s landscape, settlements and historic buildings. The content is based on local research and its structure modelled on an approach being adopted in other parts of England. The guidance comprises two documents:

Dartmoor Historic Farmsteads Assessment Framework will help to identify the historic character and significance of a site and its buildings, and to use this to consider key issues at the earliest possible stage when considering change. Additionally, it includes a section on Recording and Research Guidance.

Dartmoor Historic Farmsteads Character Statement provides detailed illustrated guidance on Dartmoor’s farmsteads and buildings in their landscape context. It is divided into two sections:

Historic Farmsteads Character Statement CS1 which summarises the historic development, landscape context, the range of farmstead layout types and the building materials and detail found across Dartmoor.

Historic Farm Buildings Character Statement CS2 which details the range of farm building types found across Dartmoor.