Bill Allen

Bill Allen

How can you tell when summer has arrived on Dartmoor?

Skylarks trilling high above the ground with that wonderful song of theirs!

Where is the perfect picnic spot in your patch? 

Hound tor. Whether you sit in or by the car park with its fabulously dramatic view of the rocks or venture up to the tor and beyond to the Medieval Village. It is a great place for a family picnic (don’t forget a pot of bubbles!!)

What’s the best advice you give visitors to the park? 

Keep your eyes and ears open for all that Dartmoor has to offer!

What would you like to see more of at this time of year? 

Otters! (I’ve yet to see one in the Buzzardwild)

Dartmoor has the best? 

Air... fresh, clean and sweet

How do you measure a ‘good day at work’?

That I’ve made a difference to someone’s day or even life. Whether by assisting with advise on where to visit or giving first aid assistance, I get a real ‘buzz’ from helping people!

If I wasn’t a ranger I’d be a?

‘Sculptor’ (preferably in bronze or other hot metal)

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