Serina Rouse

Serina Rouse

How can you tell when summer has arrived on Dartmoor? 

Flies and midges return.

Where is the perfect picnic spot in your patch? 

Somewhere quiet beside the Dart

What’s the best advice you give visitors to the park?

Please shut the gates you open, keep your dog under very close control and take your litter home. ….Oh, and don’t feed the ponies! Thank you

DeerWhat would you like to see more of at this time of year? 

Time off!!

Dartmoor has the best? 

Farmers! They put up with varying degrees of chaos created by people leaving gates open, dropping rubbish, lighting fires, allowing their dogs to chase and sometimes killing their livestock, and yet most will still welcome us and help if they can, likewise we try to help them with these and other access issues.

How do you measure a ‘good day at work’? 

The best days for me are when I can help and make a positive difference. This can be as simple as re-hanging a gate, that is continually left open, so that it falls shut. This can greatly reduce disruption and inconvenience for the farmer.

If I wasn’t a ranger I’d be a? 

It would have to be an outdoor job, connected to the land and landscape, that is one thing for sure.

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