Ella Briens

Ella Briens

How can you tell when summer has arrived on Dartmoor? 

I am wearing my thin wellies instead of my thermal ones.

Where is the perfect picnic spot in your patch? 

The Avon Dam

What’s the best advice you give visitors to the park? 

We are so lucky to have an area that still feels like ‘unspoilt wilderness’ even if really it is a managed landscape – take a little time to venture safely off the beaten track, away from the crowded car parks and enjoy the peace and tranquillity.

What would you like to see more of at this time of year? 

Responsible picnics and barbeques, e.g. not burning the grass

Essential piece of winter kit? 

Wooly hat.

Dartmoor has the best? 

Cool rivers for paddling

How do you measure a ‘good day at work’? 

When plenty of items have been crossed off my to-do list!

If I wasn’t a ranger I’d be a? 

Canadian Mountie

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