Local Plan Regulation 19 Comments

All comments DNPA received on the Final Draft (Regulation 19) Local Plan are provided below in their original format. Personal information has been redacted, but names of respondents are provided with respondents' permission to facilitate the examination in public.

Respondent NumberRespondent (agent)
0002Devon Stone Federation
0005E&JW Glendinning (Atkins)
0006South Hams District Council, West Devon Borough Council, Plymouth City Council (Joint Local Plan Councils)
0007Home Builders Federation
0010South West Housing Association Planning Consortium (Tetlow King)

FMB Projects Ltd (Bell Cornwell)

FMB Projects - Response form


Cavanna Homes - Response form

Cavanna Homes - Review of housing need


Ken and Melanie Gorvin (Heynes Planning Ltd.)

Letter 311019 

Comment Form

Site Plan

0018Christine Chapman
0022Dartmoor Preservation Association
0026National Farmers' Union
0029John Willis
0034Devon and Cornwall Police

Bridford Parish Council - response form

Bridford Parish Council - letter

0045EJFP Planning Ltd.
0046Natural England

Buckfastleigh Town Council

Buckfastleigh Town Council 2

0049Devon County Council
0050Dean Court Business Partnership (PCL Planning)

Mr M Cast, Mr M Howell and Mr R Stoddard (EJFP Planning Ltd.)

Supporting map


Wainhomes (Emery Planning)

Wainhomes - response form 2

Wainhomes - response form 3

Wainhomes - response form 4

Wainhomes - response form 5

0058Environment Agency
0059Teignbridge District Council
0060National Grid (Wood)
0063Peninsula Proprties (Bell Cornwell Ltd.)
0074Sport England
0077South West Aggregates Working Party
0082Woodland Trust
0090Friends of Ashburton Station (FoAs)
0091Aggregate Industries UK Limited
0096Sticklepath Parish Council
0110Barry Hocken
0114Paul Pine
0115Timothy Garratt
0118Stephen Hutchins (Stride Treglown)
0130Okehampton Town Council
0131North Bovey Conservation Group

Moretonhampstead Parish Council

Moretonhampstead Local Plan Response Survey

0134Sarah Prince
0135Hennock Parish Council
0153Keith Scrivener
0164Annie Martin Architect
0165Ashburton Climate Emergency
0166Rikki Elliot
0167Julie da Rosa
0168Jinni King
0169Katie Reville
0170John Richards
0171Michael Shaw
0172Jonathan Siegle
0173Linda Siegle
0174Lydford Caravan and Camping Park
0175One Planet Council
0176Angie Watson
0177Judy Gordon Jones
0178Mary Gretton
0179Cathy Dobson
0180Gabrielle Cridien Morse
0181Chris and Sarah Cottingham
0182Michael Cranmer
0183Jodie Crook-Giles

David Booth (Andrew Kirby) - response

0185Highways England
0186North Bovey Parish Council
0187Baker Estates Ltd. (Collier Planning)
0188Tim Gill
0189Jeremy Dennis (Greenslade Taylor Hunt)
0190Buckfastleigh West Parish Council
0191Luscombe Maye
0192Ugborough Parish Council
0194Tavistock Town Council
0195South Dartmoor Community Energy
0196Sophie Phillips
0197Newton and Noss Environment Group
0198Imerys Minerals Ltd. (Stephens Scown LLP)
0200Tony Whitehead
0201Buckfast Abbey (Bell Cornwell)
0202Buckfast Abbey Trustees (Bell Cornwell)
0203Cornish Chamber of Mines and Minerals
0204Sophie Ellis (Bell Cornwell)
0205Moorhaven Ltd. (Bell Cornwell)
0207Peninsula Properties (Bell Cornwell) (This is a duplication of representation 063)
0208Ashburton Town Council

The Walkhampton Trust (EJFP)

Supplementary map

0215Kate Goulden
0216Jeremy Sabel
0217John Severn

Supporting documents 2

Late Repsonses

The following comments were received after the consultation deadline

Respondent No.Respondent (agent)
0009Mid Devon District Council
0047Burrator Parish Council
0086Stephen Hutchins
0209Mark Brunsdon

Tamar Energy Community

South Dartmoor Community Energy Response


Transition Tavistock

South Dartmoor Community Energy Response 

0213Ancient Tree Forum
0214Jeremy Thres