Core Documents

Core Documents

The documents listed below were submitted by DNPA for examination on 22 September 2020. In addition to these original submission documents, further documents were produced during the course of the examination. These examination documents can be found on the Local Plan Examination page.

A schedule of the core submission documents has been produced for ease of reference:

> Schedule of core submission documents

▼ Preparing the Local Plan (PD)
Ref No.DocumentAuthorDate
SD45Local Development Scheme 2018DNPANovember 2018
SD46Local Development Scheme 2017DNPAJuly 2017
SD47Local Development Scheme 2016DNPASeptember 2016
SD48Local Development Scheme 2015DNPASeptember 2015
SD49Local Development Scheme 2014DNPAMay 2014
SD50Statement of Community Involvement 2018DNPANovember 2018
SD51Statement of Community Involvement 2016DNPAJanuary 2016
SD52Authority Report - Local Plan submissionDNPAMarch 2020
SD53Authority Report - Final Draft (Regulation 19) ConsultationDNPAJuly 2019
SD54Authority Report - First Draft (Regulation 18), consultation, LDS and SCIDNPANovember 2018
SD55Authority Report - Direction of Travel PaperDNPAJanuary 2018
SD56Authority Report - Local Development SchemeDNPAJuly 2017
SD57Authority Report - Issues Paper, Local Development Scheme and consultation strategyDNPASeptember 2016
SD58Authority Report - Joint Local PlanDNPAApril 2016
SD59Authority Report - Statement of Community InvolvementDNPAJanuary 2016
SD60Authority Report - Local Development SchemeDNPASeptember 2015
SD61Authority Report - Local Development SchemeDNPAMay 2014
SD62SA/SEA for First Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) non-technical summaryEnfusionSeptember 2018
SD63SA/SEA for First Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) ReportEnfusionSeptember 2018
SD64SA/SEA for First Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) Appendix I Statement of ComplianceEnfusionSeptember 2018
SD65SA/SEA for First Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) Appendix II Scoping ReportEnfusionOctober 2018
SD66SA/SEA for First Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) Appendix III Compatibility Analysis VisionEnfusionSeptember 2018
SD67SA/SEA for First Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) Appendix IV Spatial Strategy OptionsEnfusionSeptember 2018
SD68SA/SEA for First Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) Appendix V Site Options AssessmentEnfusionSeptember 2018
SD69SA/SEA for First Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) Appendix VI Equalities Impact Assessment Screening ReportEnfusionSeptember 2018
SD70SA/SEA for First Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) Appendix VII Consultation RepresentationsEnfusionSeptember 2018
SD71Initial SA ReportEnfusionDecember 2017
SD72Draft SA/SEA Scoping ReportEnfusionAugust 2017
SD73Final SA/SEA Scoping ReportEnfusionOctober 2017
SD74SA/SEA Scoping Report Consultation letter Natural EnglandDNPAAugust 2017
SD75SA/SEA Scoping Report Consultation letter Historic EnglandDNPAAugust 2017
SD76SA/SEA Scoping Report Consultation letter Environment AgencyDNPAAugust 2017
SD77HRA AddendumEnfusionFebruary 2020
SD78HRA for final Draft Local Plan (Regulation 19) ReportEnfusionJune 2019
SD79HRA for Final Draft Local Plan (Regulation 19) Appendix I European Site CharacterisationsEnfusionJune 2019
SD80HRA for Final Draft Local Plan (Regulation 19) Appendix II Plans and Projects ReviewEnfusionJune 2019
SD81HRA for Final Draft Local Plan (Regulation 19) Appendix III European Sites ScreeningEnfusionJune 2019
SD82HRA for Final Draft Local Plan (Regulation 19) Appendix IV Dartmoor Local Plan Review Regulation 19 ScreeningEnfusionJune 2019
SD83HRA for First Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) SummaryEnfusionSeptember 2018
SD84HRA for First Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) Screening ReportEnfusionSeptember 2018
SD85HRA for First Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) Appendix I European Site CharacterisationEnfusionSeptember 2018
SD86HRA for First Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) Appendix II Plans and Projects ReviewEnfusionSeptember 2018
SD87HRA for First Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) Appendix III Local Plan ScreeningEnfusionSeptember 2018
SD88HRA for First Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) Appendix IV Screening for likely significant effectsEnfusionSeptember 2018
SD89HRA Initial Screening ReportEnfusionJuly 2017
SD90Addendum Viability Assessment3 DragonsSeptember 2019

Whole Plan Viability Assessment

3 DragonsDecember 2018
SD92Planning Advisory Service Evidence for Plan MakingPASFebruary 2020
SD93Duty to Cooperate Statement of Common GroundDNPAFebruary 2020
SD94Duty to Cooperate Statement of Common GroundDNPASeptember 2019
SD95Duty to Cooperate Scoping ReportDNPAMay 2017
SD96Duty to Cooperate LogDNPA 
SD97Devon Duty to Cooperate ProtocolVariousMarch 2014
SD98Project PlanDNPANovember 2014
SD99Project Plan Appendix B: Consultation StrategyDNPANovember 2014
SD100Project Plan Appendix C: LP Evidence BriefsDNPANovember 2014
▼ Topic Papers
Ref No.DocumentAuthorDate
SD101Topic Paper 1 Natural EnvironmentDNPAAugust 2020
SD102Topic Paper 2 Historic EnvironmentDNPADecember 2018
SD103Topic Paper 3 Design and the Built EnvironmentDNPASeptember 2019
SD104Topic Paper 4 Vision and Spatial StrategyDNPASeptember 2019
SD105Topic Paper 5 Minerals and Waste DevelopmentDNPAAugust 2020
SD106Topic Paper 6 Housing
September 2020
SD107Topic Paper 7 TransportDNPASeptember 2019
SD108Topic Paper 8 EconomyDNPADecember 2018
SD109Topic Paper 9 Development SitesDNPASeptember 2019
SD110Topic Paper 10 Monitoring and GovernanceDNPADecember 2019
▼ Economy, Business and Leisure
Ref No.DocumentAuthorDate
SD146Economic Development Needs AssessmentHardisty Jones AssociatesMarch 2017
SD147Appendix 8 Dartmoor National Park Forecasting ResultsHardisty Jones AssociatesMarch 2017
SD148Employment Land ReviewDLP PlanningJanuary 2018
SD149Appendix A and BDLP PlanningJanuary 2018
SD150Appendix C and DDLP PlanningJanuary 2018
SD151Employment Land Review 2012Aaron FoxMarch 2012
SD152Valuing England's National ParksCumulus Consultants and ICF GHKMay 2013
SD153Household Income ReportDNPA2014
SD154Dartmoor Economic Sectors Outlooks (research report)SERIOFebruary 2013
SD155Heart of the South West Productivity StrategyHotSW LEP2018
SD156Heart of the South West Rural Evidence ReportHotSW LEP2017
▼ Minerals, Waste and Energy
Ref No.DocumentAuthorDate
SD157Local Aggregate AssessmentDCCMay 2020
SD158Devon Waste Management StrategyDCCMarch 2013
▼ Towns, Villages and Development Sites
Ref No.DocumentAuthorDate
SD159Land Availability Assessment Report 2017DNPASeptember 2017
SD160Land Availability Assessment Interactive MapDNPASeptember 2017
SD161Land Availability Assessment Area Report: AshburtonDNPASeptember 2017
SD162Land Availability Assessment Area Report: Brentor and Mary TavyDNPASeptember 2017
SD163Land Availability Assessment Area Report: BuckfastleighDNPASeptember 2017
SD164Land Availability Assessment Area Report: Chagford and Whiddon DownDNPASeptember 2017
SD165Land Availability Assessment Area Report: CornwoodDNPASeptember 2017
SD166Land Availability Assessment Area Report: Dean PriorDNPASeptember 2017
SD167Land Availability Assessment Area Report: Dunsford and ChristowDNPASeptember 2017
SD168Land Availability Assessment Area Report: Ilsington and WidecombeDNPASeptember 2017
SD169Land Availability Assessment Area Report: MoretonhampsteadDNPASeptember 2017
SD170Land Availability Assessment Area Report: Princetown, Shaugh Prior, Yelverton, Meavy, Horrabridge and WalkhamptonDNPASeptember 2017
SD171Land Availability Assessment Area Report: South BrentDNPASeptember 2017
SD172Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2014 list of sitesDNPA2014
SD173Brownfield RegisterDNPA2018
SD174Brownfield Register: Interactive mapDNPA2018
SD175Development Site Brief: 7.3 - Longstone CrossDNPAMarch 2020
SD176Development Site Brief: 7.4 - Chuley RoadDNPAMarch 2020
SD177Development Site Brief: 7.5 - Barn ParkDNPAMarch 2020
SD178Development Site Brief: 7.6 - Holne RoadDNPAMarch 2020
SD179Development Site Brief: 7.7 - Lamb ParkDNPAMarch 2020
SD180Development Site Brief: 7.8 - CrannafordsDNPAMarch 2020
SD181Development Site Brief: 7.9 - New ParkDNPAMarch 2020
SD182Development Site Brief: 7.10 - Betton WayDNPAMarch 2020
SD183Development Site Brief: 7.11- Forder FarmDNPAMarch 2020
SD184Development Site Brief: 7.12 - ThompsonsDNPAMarch 2020
SD185Development Site Brief: 7.14 - Palstone Lane ADNPAMarch 2020
SD186Development Site Brief: 7.15 - Palstone Lane BDNPAMarch 2020
SD187Development Site Brief: 7.16 - FairfieldDNPAMarch 2020
SD188Development Site Brief: 7.18 - ElfordtownDNPAMarch 2020
SD189Development Site Brief: 7.19 - Binkham HillDNPAMarch 2020
SD190Development Site Brief: 7.21 - Axminster CarpetsDNPAMarch 2020
SD191Development Site Brief: 7.23 - Mary TavyDNPAMarch 2020
SD192Settlement Profile: AshburtonDNPASeptember 2019
SD193Settlement Profile: BuckfastleighDNPASeptember 2019
SD194Settlement Profile: ChagfordDNPASeptember 2019
SD195Settlement Profile: HorrabridgeDNPASeptember 2019
SD196Settlement Profile: MoretonhampsteadDNPASeptember 2019
SD197Settlement Profile: PrincetownDNPASeptember 2019
SD198Settlement Profile: South BrentDNPASeptember 2019
SD199Settlement Profile: YelvertonDNPASeptember 2019
SD200Settlement Profile: BelstoneDNPASeptember 2019
SD201Settlement Profile: BittafordDNPASeptember 2019
SD202Settlement Profile: BridfordDNPASeptember 2019
SD203Settlement Profile: BuckfastDNPASeptember 2019
SD204Settlement Profile: Cheriton Bishop / CrossDNPASeptember 2019
SD205Settlement Profile: ChristowDNPASeptember 2019
SD206Settlement Profile: CornwoodDNPASeptember 2019
SD207Settlement Profile: Dean / Dean PriorDNPASeptember 2019
SD208Settlement Profile: DouslandDNPASeptember 2019
SD209Settlement Profile: DrewsteigntonDNPASeptember 2019
SD210Settlement Profile: DunsfordDNPASeptember 2019
SD211Settlement Profile: HennockDNPASeptember 2019
SD212Settlement Profile: HolneDNPASeptember 2019
SD213Settlement Profile: IlsingtonDNPASeptember 2019
SD214Settlement Profile: LivertonDNPASeptember 2019
SD215Settlement Profile: LustleighDNPASeptember 2019
SD216Settlement Profile: LydfordDNPASeptember 2019
SD217Settlement Profile: ManatonDNPASeptember 2019
SD218Settlement Profile: Mary TavyDNPASeptember 2019
SD219Settlement Profile: MeavyDNPASeptember 2019
SD220Settlement Profile: North BoveyDNPASeptember 2019
SD221Settlement Profile: North BrentorDNPASeptember 2019
SD222Settlement Profile: Peter TavyDNPASeptember 2019
SD223Settlement Profile: PostbridgeDNPASeptember 2019
SD224Settlement Profile: ScoritonDNPASeptember 2019
SD225Settlement Profile: Shaugh PriorDNPASeptember 2019
SD226Settlement Profile: SourtonDNPASeptember 2019
SD227Settlement Profile: South TawtonDNPASeptember 2019
SD228Settlement Profile: South ZealDNPASeptember 2019
SD229Settlement Profile: SticklepathDNPASeptember 2019
SD230Settlement Profile: Teign VillageDNPASeptember 2019
SD231Settlement Profile: ThrowleighDNPASeptember 2019
SD232Settlement Profile: WalkhamptonDNPASeptember 2019
SD233Settlement Profile: Whiddon DownDNPASeptember 2019
SD234Settlement Profile: Widecombe-in-the-MoorDNPASeptember 2019
▼ Other
Ref No.DocumentAuthorDate
SD239Management Plan 2020 - 2045: First DraftDNPAJanuary 2020
SD240Management Plan 2014 - 2019: Your DartmoorDNPA2014